The Quintessentials of Bernstein

Soundboard: To produce a resonant, beautiful sound, Bernstein Hailun series pianos feature three-layers of soundboard, constructed of German Spruce and laminated with Russian Veneer. As sound waves travel at such a high speed, a three-layered soundboard captures sound and causes it to circulate around the piano. This enhances the tone plus allows bridge positioning to be changed to allow increase in string length. Also a multi-layered soundboard is stronger than a single layer. As a result, more tension can be placed on the soundboard which then adds power for more volume. An enhanced tone coupled with increased volume generates superb performance dynamics.
Tuning Pin Block: The Bernstein Hailun series features a pin block constructed of 19 layers of laminated timber.The tuning plank is drilled by a digitally controlled machine for perfect accuracy. The tuning pins are a high quality steel with reverse torque which ensures tuning stability. This process aids the piano's tuning stability for many years to come.


Production Line: Hailun exclusively uses Toyo machinery, imported from Japan, to ensure precision in piano manufacturing and assembly. No other piano manufacturer in China is known to operate with this standard of machinery.


Felts: For a comfortable and responsive action, Hailun has imported superior felts from Germany,England and Australia for use in Bernstein Hailun pianos.


Soundboard Crown: To ensure long life, the soundboard crown on Bernstein Hailun pianos is tapered and the soundboard liner is cut with a highly-advanced, 5-axis machine, which keeps soundboard tension secure and the crown of your piano stable. This process is renowned for consistency and stability and is not often available in very affordable instruments.


Reinforcement: To enhance the durability of your instrument, the Bernstein Hailun series feature a metal key bed reinforcement and a metal action rail. This supports the action assembly and reduces long-term servicing of your piano.


Cabinets & Accessories: The stunning good looks of a Bernstein piano will delightfully compliment any home or studio. Timber finishes are enhanced by numerous layers of quality lacquer, and satin finishes benefit from a delicate finishing process. Various colours and finishes provide you with a great choice. It’s easy to find the Bernstein piano that is comfortable and ideal for you. Your Bernstein piano is not only created to sound impressive for many years, but also to look stunning for generations.


Safety Fallboard & Mouse Proofing: All upright models feature mouse proofing to prevent damage caused by rodents. A safety fallboard is installed in most grands and uprights.


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