Each time a Bernstein piano has been tested by industry experts, it has received outstanding acclaim. 

In every instance, Bernstein pianos are praised for “the sophistication of the sound, its fullness
and generosity, with clear high notes, magnificent middle registers, and mellow low registers.” 

Highly acclaimed in European Testing Awarded Music Industry "Line of the Year 



Bernstein Grand Piano awarded 5 stars in Industry Testing
Read the article HERE 


MMR Acoustic Piano Line of the Year: Bernstein Hailun HG178

In an overwhelming avalanche of dealer votes, China’s Bernstein Hailun Pianos and its HG178 grand piano was a gigantic winner in acoustic pianos in 2014, giving this honor to the brand for the second year in a row. Read more here


MMR Legacy Award: Bernstein Hailun HG 178

With this newly established award, MMR recognizes specific instruments, which have dominated their respective categories. These are truly the crème de la crème – products that have so definitively led – and, in most cases, lapped – the pack, that they deserve special commendation. Read more here



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